Shoot the Shred
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Conversations with guitarists, bi-weekly, cranked to 11. Hosted by Erik Hall. Every guitarist has a story...

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    EP 56: Angel Vivaldi

    This week, I am joined by instrumental guitarist Angel Vivaldi.

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    EP 55: Klayton (Celldweller)

    This week, I am joined by multi-instrumentalist/producer, Klayton from Celldweller. His new album, "Offworld" is out now.

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    EP 54: Joe Shadid (Joe George/

    This week, I am joined by Joe Shadid, a guitarist and singer/songwriter under the moniker Joe George, as well as a contributor for the worlds largest music gear website,

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    EP 50: Dave Heumann (Arbouretum)

    This week, I am joined by Arbouretum guitarist/vocalist, Dave Heumann. He has also been involved with Human Bell, and Television Hill.

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